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The Neck

This is my work log of how work with the neck progressed:

When doing this, do not forget to think about the body too. There are many things to keep in mind, one example is how the distance of the neck effects the location of the bridge. I made both the body and the neck at the same time.

Before you commence with this you will need to choose what dimensions you want for your neck, you should also consider if you want to use a truss rod or not. I decided the dimensions during the work, but I do not recommend it.

1st of January:
Today I have looked a bit on the design of nut, I am going to use ebony for it, and I will place a fret on it too.


2nd of January:
Today I have continued with the neck, I believe that the size of it is perfect now. I have also looked at the fretboard some more, I am going to plane it again to reduce its thickness by ≈half. Below you will find a picture of how thick it is compared to the depth of the frets.


As you can see there is no problem with planning and thereby reducing its thickness by half. Though I will have to wait until school stats again to get it planed.

4th of January:
Today I have used a finer sandpaper on the neck to get it smoother.

18th of January:
Today the fretboard have been planed once more, I have also shortened it so that it have got the correct length. The thickness of it is as you can see below.

I have also found a saw that should work, it is a Japanese saw.

Here are some pictures:

As you can see I also sawed the "angle" of the fretboard. If you do this as early on as I did remember to keep the extra wood, otherwise you will have a huge problem when making the fretslots.


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