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Here are some links which have helped me in one way or another.
This is a page created by Alex Sinavski, a skilled balalaika player. He offers video tutorials on famous melodies that are perfect to play on the balalaika. It is mainly thanks to him that I have learned a great deal about how to play the balalajka.

Brian Kentosh's electric balalaika
This is a homepage which has many good pictures, which have been taken throughout his project. They have helped me a great deal to plan my project. I also want to thank him for the information about his project that I have received. (His total project costs were about 250$.)


This is a Russian band that among other things uses electric balalajkas. They have also added music videos to Youtube, which is the way how I found them. Once again I want to thank them for the pictures that I have received, and for the permission to show them here at this homepage.

Imperskaya Music LLC
They offer a wide range of parts for the balalajka to a decent price, and they also got a special section with a concept electro balalajka. I also want to give special thanks to Boris who helped me in many ways.

This is one of the few places, where it is possible to find bridges for three-stringed instruments. The bridge is perhaps not excellent for an electric balalajka. You could take a closer look at the build itself to get more details on why. Anyway I strongly recommend this store if you are looking for a bridge.

Jim Flynn's Book “Building the Balalaika”
Jim Flynn released his book "Building the Balalaika" for free over at GAL's webb site. ( This can be of great help for your project. It is about building an acoustic balalajka, but take a look. (It is released in PDF format.)