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Sources and literature

This is a list of sources and literature that have helped me with my project, both in creating this homepage and during my work with my electric balalaika.

"Make Your Own Electric Guitar" by "Melvyn Hiscock" - 1997
Hur funkar det? by Kjell & Company - 2009, 1:2
"Formler och Tabeller" by "Natur och Kultur" - 2008

Catalogs etc:
Kjell & Company - HÖST/VINTER 2009 - 2010
Conrad - 2008
ELFA - 2008
Allt mellan antenn och jord - ELFA - 1992

Guides building an electric guitar:
Macdonald Trade Secrets - Archive

Information about balalajkas:

Interviews and people who have helped me in one or and other way:
Jona Hammarström
David Hedin
Oscar Hedvall
Carolina Nilsson
Carl-Johan Nordangård
Eva Nordangård


If you would like any help with your build just send an email.

This is a picture of some of the literature.