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Preparation Workplace

To have the possibility to work with a project like this it is very important that you got access to a good work place.

I myself made a mistake by not starting to look for a woodwork in time. I had some trouble finding one at first, luckily I got the possibility to use the woodwork at my school. Not needed to be said; you will probably need to find one before you can commence your work.

It will be easier if you yourself have some of the machines needed for the work. There may also be a possibility that you can get your wood planed at your local carpentry. Some carpentries also sell pre-planed wood. Thereby you will be reducing the need of a plane. If you choose a wood material that is softer, it will be much easier for you to work with it. If you were you to use for example maple and bought pre planed wood, you should not need any bigger machines.

These are some picture of the schools woodwork.woodwork1woodwork2

This plane were a bit to small for the whole body to be planed, so they were planed before I glued the bits together:woodwork3

To have the possibility to work with the balalajka at home, I have fixed a workbench that I will work on. Here are some pictures:home1home2home5home3home4

On the first of November I unpacked a pillar drill that we bought a couple of years ago. When we get some better benches around the walls, we will mount it to one of them.

Pillar drill


This is a picture of the router that I have been using for the work. You could perhaps also survive with a drill instead, depending on how good you want your finish.

Here are the cutters that belongs to the router.