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This is a list of things that are recommended before commencing the work

I did not follow this order myself, but I believe that it will improve your speed of the project. You could also try to do several things at the same time.

  1. Find a suitable workplace, even if you work at home you might need to use some heavier machines. (a bandsaw or a plane etc.)
  2. Research the subject and choose some basic stuff as what type of pickup/pickups you want to have.
  3. Decide what dimensions you want to have on your balalajka.
  4. Buy the things you need and start building.
  5. Mail me some pictures of your new balalajka!

Another thing that I recommend is if you watch eBay and/or similar sites in chase of good and cheap parts for your build. You could of course buy everything in an ordinary story instead but the price would then be a bit higher.

If you take a look under Tips/Guide you may be able to find some tips that could improve or simplify your work. I also recommend you to take a look under "my plan" and "blueprints". One example on how to simplify it is to use a complete triangular shape instead of a real balalajka shape.

A very good way to improve your result is to talk to someone who already have built themselves a string instrument. When you run into trouble, talk to friends and think it out properly, do not to anything unconsidered. Research the subject of building an ordinary electric guitar, then complement it with knowledge on how to build a balalajka.

A method that some people use is that they make a template over the whole instrument before starting, this might be a good idea as you see all the problems that may come up and you will be ready with a plan before you run into them with your real build. I cannot stress it enough with the importance of access to the right tools before you begin (grinding machine, band-saw etc.), it will make your life much easier. Do not forget to plan everything careful before you begin, it is much easier to have a clear plan, than to make it up as you go - especially if this is your first instrument.

Here you may find a list of the sources that have helped me in one or another way.
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If you are wondering anything about my project, do not hesitate to ask.