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This page is a little about what I started to do during the summer. (That were before the beginning of this project.)

At first I had some trouble finding a bridge for the balalajka, so I were thinking of making my own. I would probably not have used any saddles in the build just a pretty ordinary bridge.

Here is a picture of my plan for the bridge, it would be a pretty solid construction. If you feel like you are up to it you can yourself manufacture it in either wood or in metal. It should stand the pressure from the strings either way.

Picture, these picture have been drawn on a paper by me. I hope that you understand the basic and idea of the bridge. Otherwise feel free to contact me!


You simply make the bridge in your desired material, and then you just drill the holes for the strings and two extra ones to fasten the bridge to the body.

One idea may also be to countersink the bridge down into the body.

Here are some things that you should think of if you are deciding to make it out of metal.

Depending on what kind of metal you want to work with you will need a different temperature (as you probably know). I would perhaps recommend brass or bronze since it is pretty simple to get your hands on, aluminum would perhaps also work. Although it is not as strong as the two others, but it would be a lot easier to work with.

When you have decided which metal you want to work with I would recommend you to think of where you want to work with it. Your metal sources may be many, one may be old metal items or you may also buy metals in some stores... Another may be coins, here in Sweden we had 50-öringar (0.50 SEK) just until recently which would make a suitable metal. It might at least be a good method to explore if you can melt the metal that you have chosen.


I think that you can figure out much by your own if you choose to follow this tip. I could provide you with some more information if you send me an email.

This is at least what I learned that might be of use:

The easiest way for you to get this done is for you to use a form that you yourself have made out of cement or something similar. You just make a regular block, then you use a knife and cut out the form. If the form gets bigger than you wanted your bridge, just use a file afterwards.

Another concern may be where you work. I first choose to work on the floor, that were out of cement but since the layer where to thin. In short the floor cracked and some parts flee up. If you got a thinker floor it might work, but be careful.

Then I also tested to be on some clinker, see the result below. Finally I worked on some gypsum bits, above a think stone and it proved to be more successful. The best is probably if you have access to a forge. Perhaps it also would be possible to pay a smithy to make it for you.

As an end to this subject, I feel that I must give you a little warning. If you are melting you you will deal with very high temperatures. Think of your own safety.


This is the solder pen that I used, it should do 1500°C, at least according to the manufactures. It uses gas. You would probably at least need something similar.


During the holiday I also looked up other basic things about the build, but I will probably mention everything else that are of interest later in other "chapters".