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The Neck

This is my work log of how work with the neck progressed:

When doing this, do not forget to think about the body too. There are many things to keep in mind, one example is how the distance of the neck effects the location of the bridge. I made both the body and the neck at the same time.

Before you commence with this you will need to choose what dimensions you want for your neck, you should also consider if you want to use a truss rod or not. I decided the dimensions during the work, but I do not recommend it.

10th of December:
Today I have worked a bit with the fastening of the neck, I will add pictures of it tomorrow.

11th of December:
Today I have continued working with the fastening of the neck, as you can see on the pictures below it is completely straight.


15th of December:
Today I found fitting screws for the broken tuning-peg screw, I found it on an Apple Titanium laptop. It does not fit perfectly as the screw is flat, but it will work. I will perhaps replace it with a perfect screw later, at least I know the dimensions now.

Here is a picture:

18th of December:
Today I found screws that will work for the fastening of the tuning-pegs to the headstock.

Here is a picture of the screws:

I am going to color them later, so that they fit with the pegs a bit better. When I were attaching the screws three of them broke, even though I had predrilled the holes. So I will have to remove them...

19th of December:
Today I successfully removed one of the broken screws, but I have still got two to go. I have also started looking into if it is possible to order a cheap fretsaw for the fretboard anywhere.

21st of December:
Today I successfully removed the last two screws. I have also painted eight screws for the fastening of the tuning pegs.

I began with fasting the screws to a board, you can see the result on the 24th of December, I used a chrome/silver spray.




As you can see the damages from the broken screws are not so big, and they will become completely hidden by the tuning pegs.

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