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The Neck

This is my work log of how work with the neck progressed:

When doing this, do not forget to think about the body too. There are many things to keep in mind, one example is how the distance of the neck effects the location of the bridge. I made both the body and the neck at the same time.

Before you commence with this you will need to choose what dimensions you want for your neck, you should also consider if you want to use a truss rod or not. I decided the dimensions during the work, but I do not recommend it.

8th of Mars:
Today I have started to file the frets so that they get the right dimension, I am finished with the first 15 frets. There is no idea to use a dremel, it will only take longer time than a regular file...

I have used three files, one regular big file, one flat small file and one small triangular file. I used the regular file to get almost the right dimension, then the flat to get it perfect, and lastly I used the triangular to make the top edges smoother...

Here are som pictures:

9th of Mars:
Today I recived the extra fretwire that I ordered, after having attached it to the neck I continued with the filing. I am now completely finished with the frets themselves. The next step will be to improve all the details before oiling the balalajka.

The pictures:


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