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The Neck

This is my work log of how work with the neck progressed:

When doing this, do not forget to think about the body too. There are many things to keep in mind, one example is how the distance of the neck effects the location of the bridge. I made both the body and the neck at the same time.

Before you commence with this you will need to choose what dimensions you want for your neck, you should also consider if you want to use a truss rod or not. I decided the dimensions during the work, but I do not recommend it.

13th of February:
Today I have finished the inlays, you can see the result on the pictures below. I am really happy with the result!


I choose to oil the inlays right away, you can see the result below, I used regular paraffom oil for this.


18th of February:
Today I have attached the lower part of the nut, I used a bandsaw to get the right angle on it.

Here are some pictures:

19th of February:
Today I have adjusted the size of the lower nut part, I used a file and sandpaper for this. You may see it on the pictures below.


When the dimensions of the lower nut was completed, I made a test version of the upper nutpart.


It was really good that I did this as I noticed that my design will not work as I hoped. The nut would not have the possibility to keep the distance between the strings, which would be a problem.

In short I will have to find out another better solution to the nut design.

27th of February:
I have decided to go with a metal nut and I have found a bit of aluminium that will do the job, though I will have to cut down the size of the lower nut part a bit.


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