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Hallste's acoustic balalaika modification

This balalajka was modified by Richard Hallste and it is currently owned by Micha Tcherkassky.

Hallste rebuilt an old balalaika from Russia to a half-acoustic in [Insert year here]. He exchanged the old soundboard with a new along with two slender Fender Telecaster pickups, together with a Telecaster control plate. He kept the balalaika a while before he sold it.

Today the current owner is Micha Tcherkassky at, an he has the electric balalaika for sale on his page for €990. The creator, Hallste sais he doesn't think it is worth it, and that a potential buyer wouldn't get his money worth.

Here are some pictures:
Electric Balalaika (acoustic modification) frontElectric Balalaika (acoustic modification) bottomElectric Balalaika (acoustic modification) back