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This page only mentions the wood bought at Näslunds snikeri

I bought the wood on October 14.

  • Oak:
    3,35m x 150mm x 52mm
    0,40m x 75mm x 40mm
    I believe that the oak is from the U.S.

The last part is actually a bit longer, but since it were damaged I only had to pay for 0,40m. (It is about 0,60m --> 0,70m in length).

  • Birch/Birk:
    0,60m x 125mm x 26mm

I was first thinking of beach, but they did not have planks that were small enough, but I believe that birch will do just fine.

Other: I believe that the wood that I got a hold of is pretty dry. It have been lying indoors in a warm place for a very long time.

I also found a good quotation from GuitarNation about using oak as instrument material.
"The only thing wrong with oak instruments is that they look so much like furniture." - John Calkin

Shipping: None, since it were a local carpentry.
Total cost: 580 SEK
See the receipt below for more exact prices. Oak is cheaper than what I was expecting.

I recommend you to buy it at a local carpentry, one reason is of course that the shipping cost for this would be pretty high. If you visit the carpentry you yourself can choose which planks to buy, also you will be sure of getting the right size and the right direction of the grains in the wood.

After I had sawed the wood into smaller pieces I still had 1,45m x 150mm x 52mm left of the oak, so if something goes wrong I will not have to buy more.

Picture of the wood: