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The strings that I am using are Dean Markley strings.

The 0,011 A-string cost was 15 SEK and the two 0,019 E-strings cost 20 SEK each.
They were bought at Musik Börsen, the shipping cost was 10 SEK.

Total cost: 65 SEK

If you yourself are looking for strings for your acoustic balalaika, visit your local guitar shop. Once there you could ask for one metal (1st) A-string for a guitar, (0.011" in width) and two nylon strings for a guitar, the 3rd G-string. (0.040" in width). You could perhaps ask for a thicker A-string and thinner G-strings so that the difference in size gets as low as possible.

If you want strings for your electric balalajka, which uses regular pickups, you will need three metal strings. If you have an electric balalajka, which uses piezo pickups, then you can use nylon strings.

Strings - E E A