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Electric Guitar + Amplifier

The reason to why I bought this was to get hold of a cheap amplifier.

I bought it in second hand, it was advertised at Originally the seller wanted 650 SEK for it. I placed a bid of 400 SEK on it and I also got it for this price. (The advert had been out 6 weeks, and the seller did not have a picture of it.)

According to the seller the instrument was about one year old. Worth noting might perhaps be that the plastic from the pick guard hadn't been removed. Included in the price was also a cable and a case for it.

The amplifier is at 15W, and quite small, but it will work for my purposes. (Model: GF-15)

Total cost: 400 SEK
(No shipping cost, as I bought it from a local seller.)

Here are some pictures of the stuff:
Electric guitarGuitar amplifier GF-15