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These 10x3 diodes were bought at Kjell&Company

I was still wondering if I would use these in the build itself when I bought them, anyway I decided against diodes later on.

The green and the yellow has a flat head, but would probably go to far into the neck, if they were used, also it is hard to cut a square hole. The price was 5 SEK per package and there was no shipping fee. The reason to why they were so cheap, was because they were selling out their stock.

Update: 21 of October: I have decided to skip the diode part altogether, since it would not affect what the balalajka is worth. (It would be more probably that it would drop). Also it would be much more job and since I have decided against using a truss rod, I would be forced to use the router just to get the cables up to the diodes. In short it feels like the end does not justifies the means. (In time the diodes would also die, even if I buy some of very good quality.)

Total cost: 15 SEK